Work organisation

The study has been jointly coordinated by the two main coordinators, Robert Wagenaar (International Tuning Academy Groningen) responsible for the EU team and Xianjin Dou, Director of LLL at the MoE, responsible for the Chinese involvement. Intensive contacts were established between the EU project team and the Chinese coordination team at the MoE. Final decisions regarding the outline of the study were made in consultation with Unit C4 at DG EAC.  The two coordinators were supported by the EU project Manager, Ingrid van der Meer (Groningen branch of the International Tuning Academy) and Ms. Hai Hong Lu, Deputy Director of LLL at the MoE. The EU team consisted of 10 members in total, 6 disciplinary experts, and 4 Tuning experts including the coordinator and project manager.

In practice the EU team prepared the agenda’s and most content of the seminars and offered the necessary background information to facilitate a smooth implementation of the study.

The MoE was responsible for the contacts with the Chinese leading universities and their academic leaders. Direct contact was also established between the EU team and the academic leaders in the course of the study. The site visit to three European universities, which was joined by the EU project leader and the project manager, was helpful in this respect. The contacts with the other Chinese participating universities and their representatives was organised by the Chinese team leaders. Until the first subject area group seminars, no direct contacts were established between the EU project team and EU academic experts and these representatives of the Chinese universities. This changed after the first and second seminars because business cards were exchanged between all participants.