Annex 3

 Templates Generic and Subject Specific Competences questionnaires

Generic Competences
(for Graduates, Employers, Academics and Students)

This questionnaire presents a series of questions related to the generic skills and competences that may be important for success in a career and in society. Please answer all the questions. The answers may be very valuable in improving course planning for future students. Please select the best option in each case.

For each of the skills listed below, please estimate:

  • the importance of the skill or competence, in your opinion, for work in your (future) profession (for students or graduates), or that of your students or employees (for academics and employers);
  • the level to which each skill or competence is developed by degree programmes in university programmes.

The blank spaces may be used to indicate any other skills or competences that you consider important but which do not appear on the list.

Please use the following scale for Importance:
1 = not important; 2 = important; 3 = very important; 4 = strong  

Please use the following scale for Achievement:
1 = none; 2 = weak; 3 = considerable; 4 = strong


Generic Competences Importance Level to which developed by University Degree (Achievement)
(Here Pablo will insert the Generic Competences list)

Please rank below the five most important competences according to your opinion. Please write the number of the item within the box. Mark on the first box the most important, on the second box the second most important and so on.

  1. Item Number
  2. Item Number
  3. Item Number
  4. Item Number
  5. Item Number

Many thanks for your cooperation.