Co-ordinators of the Study

The overall responsibility for the EU part of the study lay with Tuning coordinator and director of the Groningen branch of the Tuning International Academy Robert Wagenaar (University of Groningen). He acted as the formal contact person for the European Commission, the Chinese Ministry of Education and as the actual project leader at European side. He was supported by Julia Gonzalez (University of Deusto, Bilbao), co-founder of Tuning. As Chinese counterpart and coordinator was appointed in 2012 by the Chinese authorities, Dr. DOU Xianjin, Director of Lifelong Learning, Chinese National Centre of Education Development Research (NCEDR), Ministry of Education. He was assisted by Dr. LU Hai Hong, Deputy Director of the same centre. In 2018 the role of  Dr. DOU Xianjin was taken over by Mrs. Dr. WANG Xiaoyan, Director of Division of Comparative Research and International Cooperation, NCEDR. She has been assisted by Mr. MA Kai, Deputy Director at NCEDR.

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