EU Tuning team

The EU-coordinator was supported by project manager, Ingrid van der Meer (Tuning International Academy Groningen).

The director of the Deusto branch of the Tuning International Academy, Pablo Beneitone, was directly responsible – as the consultation expert – for all technical aspects regarding the set up and implementation of the consultation instrument, as well as the analyses of results. In these tasks he has been supported by the consultation / survey experts Maida Marty and Jon Paul Laka. All three are employed by the University of Deusto, Bilbao.

The coordinator, the co-coordinator Julia Gonzalez, the project manager and the consultation expert made up the EU management team of the study.

The team of Tuning subject experts consisted of the following academics:

  • Civil Engineering: Giuliano Augusti (Tunign expert, formerly University of Rome) and Alfredo Soeiro (University of Porto).
  • Educational Sciences: Arlene Gilpin (Tuning expert, formerly University of Bristol) and Soren Ehlers (University of Copenhagen)
  • Business Administration: Margret Schermutzki (Tuning expert, formerly University of Aachen) and Dan Frost (Umea University)